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A fully qualified sports therapist specialising in sports massage and IASTM (Instrumented Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilisation)

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We offer a number of treatments incluing sports massage,IASTM, cupping, kinesio taping, joint mobilisations as well as exercise prescription

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Fully qualified sports therapist and specialist in sports massage and IASTM (Instrumented Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilisation) operating in Dudley and Stourbridge.


what people say about us

A great job on my injured shoulder. I'd been off court for 2 weeks and doubted whether I'd be able to play, but came to the tournament hoping. With Vikki's help - massage, tape and ice packs and excercises she kept me going all the way to the title! great job!

Jasper Cooper

I must say I'd never had a massage before and really struggled with back pain, I had my first before I went away on a stag do and I was struggling to walk and stand up straight, the following morning my back felt great, this lady is really good at what she does, highly recommend

Craig Paskin

Last year I suffered a mini stroke which affected my right side. Over the period of 12 months the pins and needles and swelling started to affect my every day life. A friend of mine recommended Vickie. I contacted her and within a couple of hrs she replied. I told her my problems and she managed to fit me in with a couple of days. On arrival I instantly felt at ease, she took down all my medical problems and I knew from that point she was a professional sports masseuse. I had the hours slot and since only had 1 more slot this was within 4 days, I can’t believe the difference it’s made already no more pins and needles, swelling is going down and I feel so much better. I 100% recommend Vickie and I’ll be using her indefinitely.

Rebecca Portwood

I have recently started having massages by Vicky. The experience has been excellent with time taken to understand your needs and talking through each treatment, (4 so far), ensuring you are comfortable and explaining the work she is doing. I have had in excess of 100 massages with many therapists and can state that Vicky is the best masseuse I have personally been treated by. I look forward to seeing her again shortly when I will be booking further treatments for next year

David Wright

Excellent Service.

I have been seeing Vicky for the past 12 months. I have regular sports massages, blades and cupping. She is the only person I trust and would put my money into. 100% worth it. The training I do is very stressful on the body and without Vicky I wouldn’t be able to recover quick enough. I couldn’t recommend Vicky enough if you’re looking for the 3 treatments I have stated. She always goes outside the box and helps me out with different stretches and physio work. I wouldn’t see anyone else but her 👍

Madison Brookes

Having had 4 calf pulls-strains over last 6 months and 4 weeks with Vicky working on them including stretches etc , they have never felt as good, back to full on sports better than before.

Pete Bailey

I saw Vicky while training for the Birmingham half marathon. The schedule was very punishing with 5-6 sessions a week and Vicky kept me injury and soreness free.

Her knowledge is excellent and service is above and beyond. She recommended several stretching exercises as well as other advice that improve the quality of my training.

I would highly recommend her services

I've been seeing Vicky for several months due to an injury with my rotator cuffs. Vicky has done a great job with both of them to the point that I'm getting virtually no pain in either shoulder. Considering Iv boxed and done a lot weights combined with combat sports since I was ten (now 37) I've been amazed at what she's achieved. I'm now at a point where I'm no longer restricted by physical movement and the freedom of movement has allowed me to restrengthen both shoulders.

Since then Vicky has worked on my neck, lower back and hamstrings achieving great results. The prices are good and knowledge and service is outstanding, needless to say I'm a regular now and can't recommend Vicky enough.

Excellent service combined with a warm friendly approach.

Daniel Mcmurray

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Phone: 07765 050 806
Genetix Gym, Providence Street
Lye, Stourbridge DY9 8HS
Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, V therapies have closed the clinic for face to face appointments until further notice as per Government guidance.
However, we are now offering sessions through video-calling and online consultation.  During the session, we will complete a comprehensive assessment and create a personalised rehabilitation programme for you.
Please see our FAQ section for further details